As emerged from the survey conducted by DCA Digital Cinema Advertising and the entertainment marketing agency QMI, a large part of the public is keen to return to the cinemas.

The survey was administered to 6.556 film fans during the week of July 3rd to 10th. To one of the first questions asked: “To which places do you most want to go after the lockdown?”, 37% confirmed the desire to return to the cinema.

Another question from the survey, related to streaming during the lock-down, saw 64% of respondents take advantage of streaming platforms to replace the big screen of the cinema.

The survey revealed four fundamental points to which cinema should focus: new films in programming (31%), sanitization of environments (29%), social distancing (29%), possibility to buy the ticket online (2%).

Therefore, the survey reveals the great desire of the public to return to the cinema, with the exception of a small percentage of respondents who would prefer to wait instead.