Today starts the shooting of the feature films Bar Joseph by Giulio Base, La Rivincita by Leo Muscato, Stai Sereno by Davide Dapporto and Mollami by Matteo Gentiloni. In addition to the date of the first shoot, these feature films all have the same setting in common: the Apulia. This is thanks above all to the excellent work carried out by the regional Film Commission, which is confirmed as one of the most active Italian film commissions in guaranteeing the logistical support necessary to facilitate the choice of the companies to start the their films production on the Apulian territory. The more than positive balance can also be seen from the latest update provided by the Apulia Film Commission, which indicates that in this autumn, more than twenty productions of audiovisual projects (such as the series Passeggeri Notturni directed by Riccardo Grandi) have been started or will soon be started. For this reason, the Apulia Film Commission’s CEO, Antonio Parente, calls for “new actions to support the sector: service centres, studios and studios”. In addition to these very flattering figures, there is another extraordinary one, namely that demand is often not satisfied by supply. The strong demand for workers in fact has repeatedly overbooked the lists of professionals working in Apulia, such as hundreds of professionals (set designers, costume designers, workers, location managers, machinists, electricians, sound engineers, assistant directors) enrolled in the Production Guide Apulia Film Commission – a free database available to productions that run in Apulia. But the panorama of productions and co-productions is not only Italian and sees many projects from abroad: United States, United Kingdom, China, Brazil, France, Germany, Russia. And it has even happened that the experience with the Apulian specialized workers has been so positive as to require the performance of these high-level professionals even on non-Apulian sets, as evidenced by the “Fabula Picture” by Guido, Nicola and Marco De Angelis, who in Puglia has already shot several films (as Non c’è campo by Federico Moccia) and is preparing to shoot more (like the film based on the novel La Ferocia by Nicola Lagioia, winner of the Premio Strega, which will be set in Bari).