According to research conducted by Kaspersky, a large number of users worldwide share personal accounts and allow their roommates to access them.

The report points out that online services have the ability to bring people closer together, creating more and more cases where there is one account shared by multiple users rather than a multitude of individual accounts. Worldwide, 46% of respondents say they are comfortable sharing their informations. In Italy the figure is around 38%.

The current pandemic and its lockdown have accelerated the evolution of people’s relationship with the Internet, changing it in many ways. According to the report, the lockdown has led to an average of 2 more hours per day of time spent online. Along with this, the sensitivity for privacy control over online accounts has developed.

The derived data reported by Kaspersky states that 43% of users worldwide (21% in Italy) are concerned about the lack of control in the online habits of their roommates or people with whom they share an account, and are afraid that they may negatively affect their online habits.

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