In the new audiovisual panorama tv series and their female leading characters are now more popular than ever. Playing many different roles for ethnicity and age, they always hit the eye. Women are no longer side characters but keyrole players, playing more complex characters, like successful directors, actors and producers. 

Sex and the city is the forerunner of the woman – empowering series, focusing on their professional roles and their freedom with a high quality realization that made it gain many prizes. Similarly Big Little Lies gives voice to many women, the HBO serie about gender-based violence and motherhood praises in its cast Nicole Kidman, Reese Witherspoon, Laura Dern and, from the second season on, even Meryl Streep. All those cinema giants perfectly fit into the small screen, just like Amy Adams did in Sharp objects.

The ever increasing fame and quality of TV series are the results of innovation, cinema expertise and strong stories that needed to be told. All those elements shaped up a new reality that highlights how much skilled actresses still have to give, putting in streaming and series all the expertise learned in cinema.

This trend is taking place not only in America but also in Italy, as in the case of Elena Sofia Ricci in Vivi e lascia vivere, or Paola Cortellesi in Petra where she plays a police inspector, a role similar to the captain of carabinieri played by Vanessa Incontrada in Il Capitano Maria.This new trend is here to stay.