The Minister of Culture, Dario Franceschini, has been heard by the Technical Scientific Committee to discuss the reopening of activities related to the entertainment field.

Negotiations have begun between Minister Dario Franceschini and the Technical and Scientific Committee to find an agreement on the measures to be adopted once the cinemas and theatres are reopened (about the first half of May).

During his speech, Franceschini presented a number of proposals to allow the reopening of cinemas, cinemas and concert halls, already planned in the ‘Yellow Zones’, to take place with a greater presence of the public. At the moment, the Cts protocols envisage a maximum capacity of 25% for a maximum of 200 spectators indoors and 400 outdoors. Franceschini, on the other hand, is aiming at a maximum of 500 spectators indoors and 1,000 outdoors, doubling the capacity to 50%.

The minister also proposed to allow the regions to experiment in certain outdoor venues with events with a larger number of spectators, introducing additional security measures, as has already happened in other European countries.

The minister also approves of the obligation to wear the FFP2 mask, while he would not be in favor of the obligation to show the result of a Covid-test before entering the theatre. The discussion has now started and before the government’s decision, the Cts will have to give its verdict on the restrictive measures. The next steps to verify the health conditions for the resumption of activities are set for April 20th with the evaluation of the epidemiological curve and for April 26th with the new DPCM that will set the rules for the month of May.

In his speech, Franceschini also stressed that the situation in the entertainment sector was no longer sustainable and that this sector, like the school sector, should be considered essential to the lives of citizens.

For further information: Ministero della Cultura