10 of the 25 projects admitted to the first session for audiovisual grants by the Regione Emilia-Romagna were approved and funded.

The Regional Council met on Monday, in video conference, with the intervention of the Vice-President of the Regione Emilia-Romagna, Elena Ethel Schlein, and the councillors: Calvano Paolo, Colla Vincenzo, Felicori Mauro, Lori Barbara, Mammi Alessio, Priolo Irene and Salomoni Paola.

The purpose of this meeting was the approval and consequent disbursement of the contributions provided by the region to support the audiovisual sector. The general objective of the Audiovisual Fund is therefore to support the production and dissemination of cultural works that can represent a potential opportunity to enhance communities and territories, to increase employment and professional growth of operators residing in the region and to contribute, in a broad sense, to the dissemination of cultural heritage. Actions such as these are important for attracting more and more productions to the region and for strengthening the entire regional cinema and audiovisual sector.

The resources available for the 2021 amount to 600,000.00 euro, while for the year 2022 the budget will be adjusted according to the time schedules of the projects supported. For this first session, the Council has decided to allocate as much as 387,857 euro, of which 350,000.00 will be allocated for the year 2021 and 37,857.98 for the year 2022.

Among the 10 deserving projects of this session, we can find a wide range of topics, brought to life in the 7 documentaries, 2 short films and 1 film work approved.

Let’s take a look at the titles of the funded projects:

  • La California by Amarcord srl
  • Bandiera rossa. Ovvero: La storia di come a otto anni sono diventato comunista e ora non so più chi cazzo votare by Sayonara Films srl
  • Non mollare! by BO Film srl
  • In famiglia by Arancia film srl
  • La solitudine è questa by L’altra Soc. Coop. Onlus
  • Il giovane corsaro. Pasolini a Bologna by Si Produzioni S.r.l.
  • Farfalle by Sick Pine Video di Pattarozzi Marco
  • Einstein parla italiano by Artemide Film sas
  • La moda del liscio by Scarabeo Entertainment S.R.L.  Societa A Socio Unico
  • Andate a lavorare by Genoma Films srl

Please note that the second round of applications will be open from 16:00 on July 1 2021 to 16:00 on July 31 2021. For further information please consult the website of the Regione Emilia-Romagna.