New incentives offered by the Italian regions to attract audiovisual productions to their territory.

The second opportunity to access the contributions offered by IDM Film Fund & Commission expires on May 4th. Its annual call for proposals of 5 million euros allows production companies to obtain up to 1.5 million euros for production and up to 100,000 euros for development and pre-production, provided that 150% of the contribution granted is spent in the region. The next opportunity has a deadline of September 21st.

The deadlines for access to the Trentino Film Fund are June 15 and September 21. The Fund is intended to support the production and distribution of films, television films and documentaries shot in Trentino. The maximum contribution can be up to 200,000 euro for film and television productions, 40,000 euro for documentaries and 50,000 euro for local productions.

It is possible to apply for contributions of up to 80 thousand euros (180 thousand for works of particular artistic and/or economic importance) from the Valle D’Aosta Film Fund during the first ten days of each month. The call for proposals of 290 thousand euros is divided into three areas of intervention: support for audiovisual production, support for the development of audiovisual production projects, support for the production of works of particular artistic and economic relevance.

The next deadlines to apply for the Friuli-Venezia Giulia Film Fund are June 30 and September 30: Italian and foreign production companies will be able to obtain up to 280 thousand euros for feature films, animated films, TV films, TV series, works for the web and up to 30 thousand euros for documentaries, short films and music videos. You will have to wait until 3 June to access the FVG Audiovisual Fund. The Fund, whose main objective is to favor the development of local companies operating in the audiovisual production sector and the qualification of their professional resources, will close its second window exactly one month later: on July 3rd. The third and last window of the year will open from September 20 to October 22.

The Emilia-Romagna Region will open the second window of the calls for production from July 1 to 31: the call for national and international productions has a budget of 1.2 million Euros, while the call for production companies based in Emilia-Romagna has a budget of 600,000 Euros: for both, the coverage of expenses varies between 30% and 60%.