Reelgood streaming guide report reveals some data on the use of video on demand services (SVOD, AVOD, TVOD) after Covid-19 outbreak.

The percentages are collected from the film and TV streaming search engine service, tracking nearly four million users from 16 March to 19 April 2020.

Crossing-viewership on SVOD services had risen by 417% at the end of the time period compared with the start. All free ad-supported (AVOD) platforms has seen instead a +148%.

Among SVOD services, Netflix gained 15.77 million extra customers during the first quarter of 2020 and ended up on 19 April as the most popular streaming service, with a total playback share of 42.3% (and 33.67% only considering SVOD playback). Following Netflix in the all streaming stakes there’s Amazon Prime Video with 21.91%, Hulu up next with 17.11%, Disney+ with 4.73% and the recently acquired by Fox Tubi AVOD, with 3.68%.

Looking at SVOD alone, Prime Video follows Netflix with 23.9%; Hulu third with 19.04%; Disney+ on 6.21%, HBO, 3.77%; and Apple TV+ with 0.55%.