ANICA and Confidustria Radio TV have appealed to the government to commit to supporting the audiovisual industry at European level.

To sign the letter delivered to Ministers Stefano Patuanelli (MiSE), Roberto Gualtieri (MEF), Vincenzo Amendola (MAECI) and Dario Franceschini (MiBACT), Francesco Rutelli, President of ANICA and Francesco Siddi, President of Confindustria Radio TV.

Specifically, the request is that the government undertakes to include in 20% of the funds that should be allocated to digital also the resources to be allocated to the production and distribution of audiovisual content and media.

This need arises from the fact that the recent pandemic has had heavy repercussions on the audiovisual sector, and risks undermining the sustainability of the European independent media and rebounding the industry itself, which will not be able to compete with the large Oct.

Europe, Rutelli and Siddi continue, must commit itself to keep this sector alive, not only to support employment, but also because it has already proven to be a possible basis for technological development.