Rainbow, the Italian leading company in animation and entertainment for kids and teens founded by Iginio Straffi in 1992, announced that it has acquired the majority share in Iven S.p.A. The group, created in 1986 by producer Maurizio Totti, includes important companies such as Colorado Film, Moviement, San Isidro and the participation of Gavila srl, the production company of writer and director Donato Carrisi. Among other founders of Iven, there are director Gabriele Salvatores and actors Diego Abatantuono and Paolo Rossi.
Rainbow is most known for Winx Club, the animation product created in 2004 and become an international success exported to more than 150 countries. Recently, Rainbow produced its first live-action product, Maggie&Bianca Fashion Friends, and Straffi wants to expand the target: “We are very interested in TV shows and live actions for teens and families. The merger with Iven represents a combination of two realities which together can reach a wider range of audience and establish itself on international markets”.
Toti, the founder of Colorado Film in 1986, is excited about the merger with Rainbow: “we are a cohesive and motivated group with the aim to establish ourselves as the leaders in the field of multimedia content production, from cinema to TV without excluding commercials, TV formats and the discovery and development of new talents. The merger with Rainbow will increase the quality and the quantity of the line-up, making it increasingly attractive abroad”.
Rainbow at present is the only animation studio in Italy capable of making all the production phases in-house and, besides Straffi’s creative and entrepreneurial insights, the key to its success lies in the capacity of spreading its own products on multiple platforms: Winx, for instance, the five fairies of the hugely successful children’s animated cartoon, became a film trilogy, besides the several videogames available on different platforms (Playstation, Nintendo, PC and Game Boy). Among Rainbow successes, there’s also the Rainbow Magicland theme park open since 2011 in Valmontone.