The panel Presentation of the Report “All the numbers of Italian Cinema and Audiovisual – Year 2022” concluded yesterday, 9th October 2023, as part of the first day of the MIA |Mercato Internazionale Audiovisivo.

The talk, which involved Lucia Borgonzoni, Undersecretary of State for Culture, and Nicola Borrelli, General Manager Cinema and Audiovisual – MiC and was moderated by Bruno Zambardino, the report “All the numbers of Italian Cinema and Audiovisual” was presented.

The report, drawn up by the Ufficio Studi della Direzione generale Cinema e audiovisivo, is divided into four sections: cinema production, audiovisual production, international tax credit and videogame tax credit and aims to provide an overview of national audiovisual production and of the public contribution/incentive system for the cinema and audiovisual sector in Italy.

During the event, Undersecretary of State for Culture Lucia Borgonzoni emphasised the importance of balancing new products between the tastes of viewers and creators: “We should not restrict authorial freedom, but stop and think that maybe if the audience does not like something it is not their fault and we should not force them to see it.”

Nicola Borrelli, Director General Cinema and Audiovisual – MiC, added: “Certainly the propensity to cooperate with foreign partners has increased a lot. In 2022 there were six films costing more than ten million. (…) The important thing is to produce. Public support instruments serve to facilitate the construction of a work.”

Bruno Zambardino, EU Affairs and Institutional Coordination Italy for Movies, DGCA MiC and moderator of the panel, also dwelt on the situation of the video game sector: “Regional Funds remain fairly stable over time, and we have seen that there has been a growth in tax credit for video games too”.