Notorious Pictures, the Italian company active in the production and acquisition of audiovisual works through all distribution channels announced the purchase of distribution rights for seven new films during the Cannes Film Festival and the Toronto International Film festival.

Thanks to the acquisition campaign seven new movies will arrive in Italy in the coming months:

  • C’mon C’mon, starring Joaquin Phoenix and produced by A24 and Bron Creative;
  • The Georgetown Project, a thriller starring Russel Crowe produced by the US company Miramax;
  • Undercover, the musical comedy produced by Mandeville Films;
  • Lansky, starring Harvey Keitel, produced by Above The Clouds Media Group, CaliWood Pictures and Lucky 13 Productions;
  • Songbird, produced by Catchlight Films, Invisible Narratives and STX Films;
  • Mafia Inc, Canadian production of Attraction Images starring Sergio Castellitto;
  • God, You’re Such a Prick, produced by Cactus Films, RTL and UFA Fiction.

The President and CEO of the company Guglielmo Marchetti commented how these acquisitions will be best exploited by taking advantage of new opportunities in the digital market.