The new call ‘NEWS-Media Literacy‘ of the MEDIA sub-programme of Creative Europe has been published.

NEWS-Media Literacy aims to allow citizens to develop a critical understanding and use of the media. Media literacy is also a powerful tool to limit the impact of misinformation. To achieve this, media literacy actions will encourage knowledge sharing and exchanges on media literacy policies and practices. Support will include the development of innovative cross-border media literacy initiatives and communities across Europe, in an evolving digital media landscape and taking into account current user behavior across age groups.

The available call budget amount to € 2,400,000.

As reported in the call for proposals, this action is targeted in particular at:

  • Pan-European consortia with the aim of enhancing best practices – across national, cultural and linguistic boundaries – aimed at developing media literacy tools and actions, to ensure the transfer of these practices to the widest possible audience, covering different types and modes of use;
  • forums for the exchange of best practices for specific age groups, for groups with limited media literacy skills and for those at risk of social isolation;
  • support of media literacy professionals in order to adapt their practices to the rapid development of media formats and consumption patterns, which are constantly evolving.

Applications may be submitted no later than 5 p.m. on April 6, 2022.

Please consult the call for proposals for further information.