New development plan for Netflix, the platform focuses on internationalization, not forgetting Europe. What future for Netflix?

The SVoD platform has a clear development plan in place, which is based primarily on content enhancement. The content available will be increased, but above all the number of original productions will increase. And not only that. Netflix also wants to expand its audience internationally, so the new productions will be activated in various countries.

In the strategy of the company led by Reed Hastings for the European market there is first of all a significant increase in new titles of almost 57%, for a total of 221, of which 153 will be original productions. Netflix’s strategy is to invest in local productions, creating new projects in various countries. In Italy, too, a new title produced in the area should be added: the TV series Luna Nera. A process of content internationalization that could lead Netflix to increase the variety of audiences. Currently, the Americans watching Netflix are 58.5 million, against other viewers who amount to 78.6 million.