Introduced in November 2022, Netflix’s ad-supported basic plan, the cheapest offered by the U.S. streaming giant, is on its first anniversary and celebrating big results. Amy Reinhard, Netflix’s newly installed head of advertising, wrote in a post on the company’s blog that the plan now has 15 million monthly active users globally, an increase from the 5 million announced in May.

New in this first week of November for subscribers to the basic advertising plan will be the ability to download movies and TV series, something not previously possible with this low-cost option.
“All advertising-funded plan subscribers will be able to download their favorite series and movies, making Netflix the only advertising-funded streaming platform to offer downloads,” Reinhard writes.

Incidentally, the streamer is preparing another innovation that affects both advertisers and viewers: taking advantage of the binge-watching phenomenon, the watching of all, or almost all, episodes of a series without interruption, for subscribers who see the first three episodes in a row, it will be possible to watch the fourth without ads. Also next year, there is also talk of including QR codes in advertisements on Netflix in the United States.


Photo di su Unsplash