The Product Manager – Machine Learning Platform is the highly specialized figure Netflix is seeking through an announcement that appears on the company’s website. What exactly does he or she do? The company clarifies with a bulleted list the tasks the professional will be asked to perform to increase the use of artificial intelligence within the streaming platform. The estimated compensation for such a task is expected to be between $300,000 and $900,000 per year.

Netflix is developing and using machine learning (ML) to create better content, from TV shows to movies and series, that is increasingly adherent to users’ needs, and this will require increasingly sophisticated algorithms.

The company, one senses from the announcement, is looking to integrate artificial intelligence “into all areas of the business” and is also looking for a technical director in the games sector to work on generative artificial intelligence.

The topic of artificial intelligence is increasingly central to film production and is sparking a debate that has taken the form of conflict, according to the strikes that are raging in the United States.

Credits: pixabay