The past year has added another piece to Netflix‘s market relevance.  According to research conducted by Ampere Analysis, Netflix is currently the number one commissioner of new scripted projects in Europe.

The company thus officially surpasses all major European public broadcasters, even the BBC and Germany’s ZDF, as a buyer of European scripted productions. The international market has laid the foundations for Netflix’s meteoric rise. Thanks to targeted investments in localised productions on the continent, Netflix now leads the local and continental markets alongside other global SVoD services. The transition to pan-regional and global content as the main value base is also crucial in all this.
There are 72 scripted productions projects commissioned by Netflix in 2020, compared to 55 and 54 by ZDF and BBC and the more modest but still substantial figures of France Télévision and ARD, with 38 and 33 projects respectively.
This is a significant jump compared to 2019, which saw it below BBC, ZDF and France Télévisions with 44 projects.

Netflix thus confirms its responsibility for the most relevant changes within today’s entertainment industry. Not least because of this, the future for European content creators looks brighter than ever. Netflix‘s strategy is making it Europe’s most relevant customer, and other players are following suit. More and more platforms are emulating it, commissioning scripted productions outside the US market.

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