On the occasion of the See What’s Next event, the streaming giant Netflix presented the line up of Italian productions, which will soon arrive on the platform. These are four new projects, which enhance our creative genius. Two feature films inspired by bestsellers: “Il treno dei bambini,” based on the book by Viola Ardone, directed by Cristina Comencini, and “Il Fabbricante di lacrime,” an adaptation of the novel of the same name by Erin Doom, the best-selling book in Italy in 2022, whose direction is by Alessandro Genovesi.

Also in the basket are two new series, “Storia della mia famiglia” by Claudio Cupellini and “Adorazione” by Stefano Mordini, loosely based on the novel by Alice Urciuolo. The former chronicles the last day in the life of Fausto, a central character in the series written by Filippo Gravino and Elisa Dondi and produced by Mediawan-owned Palomar Film & TV. Adorazione is a six-episode project that tells the story of a group of teenagers in the province of Lazio. The disappearance of Elena will lead each of them to confront the universal theme of adolescence.

The four titles add to an already announced programming schedule, which includes “Nuova Scena – Rhythm + Flow Italia,” the eight-episode rap show featuring Fabri Fibra, Geolier and Rose Villain in search of the new superstar of the Italian scene, starting on the streets of Rome, Naples and Milan; the second seasons of the series “Tutto chiede salvezza 2” and “La legge di Lidia Poët 2”; and the spinoff series of Suburra, “Suburraeterna,” which will debut on Netflix on Nov. 14. Also in the fall offering is the docuseries “Vasco Rossi – Il sopravvissuto”, coming Sept. 27.

Tinny Andreatta, vice president of Italian content at Netflix, introduces the new proposals this way:
“The stories that, together with our production partners and the many talents involved, we are preparing for our Italian and international audiences have three common denominators. They are authentic stories, capable of speaking to the present of the present and emotionally questioning the audience on the issues closest to the lives they live. They are courageous stories because they touch on controversial and provocative topics, challenging taboos, prejudices and conventions; they are unique stories, which, put together, make up a rich mosaic that appeals to different audiences and different needs to find entertainment, curiosity, provocation.”

📸  charlesdeluvio/Unsplash