After being presented at the New Cinema Network of MIA 2015, Giovanni La Parola’s My Body Will Bury You has captured the interest of Urban Distribution International. Here are all the details of the distribution agreement.

Giovanni La Parola’s My body will bury is set in Sicily in 1860, just before the unification of Italy. Its main character, “R”, is a young woman found almost dead under the remains of a burned shed. My Body Will Bury You, a western that narrates the revenge of “R”, was made in co-production between Italy and France, with the Italian Cinemaundici and Ascent Film, and the support of Rai Cinema and Apulia Film Commission, with the French Cinemorgana.

After taking part in the MIA 2015 New Cinema Network, My Body Will Bury You has engaged the interest of Urban Distribution International (UDI), an important French distribution company that has acquired the film’s international distribution rights. The shooting started in Puglia on May 14, 2018, and should last about 8 weeks. In the cast, which in Italy will be distributed by 01 Distribution, there are several Italian actors: Miriam Dalmazio, Antonia Truppo, Margareth Madè, Guido Caprino and Giovanni Calcagno.