Joker dominates the rankings, leaving Once Upon a Time in Hollywood in the second position, while Abominable comes third. Discover the complete rankings of last weekend (October 3-6).

Joker is currently at the top with €6.263.908 of total earnings, leaving Once Upon a Time in Hollywood in the second place with €911.249 (€10.563.263 total) after three weeks of dominance. Third, we have Abominable, which earned a total of €778.388.

Fourth and immediately below the podium comes Ad Astra, that during last weekend made €411.473 and a total of €1.463.453 since its release. The Italian title Tuttapposto comes fifth, earning €376.299 in one week, followed by Rambo: Last Blood that made an income of €317.292 (€1.281.383 total).

I, Leonardo cashed in €288.660 (€323.782), followed by Dora and The Lost City of Gold, that last weekend made €233.437 (€1.355.472 in total). Yesterday occupies the 9th place of the ranking with  €194.206  and a total income of €811.247. In the last place of the Top 10, we have Appena un Minuto that made €149.440.

The success achieved by the much-anticipated film by Todd Phillips is no surprise. On the other hand, Tarantino’s film has broken the barrier of 10 million euros and is on its way to becoming his biggest hit in Italy.