Joker dominates the rankings followed by Gemini Man, while Abominable comes third. See last weekend’s complete standings, October 10-13, 2019.

After two weeks, Joker is at the top of the list with € 6,047,349 (€ 15,511,395 in total),  while the new title Gemini Man is currently second with € 959.441. Abominable, that collected € 490,042 (€ 1,386 .969 overall), completes the podium.

Recently fallen from the podium and currently number four of the list we find Once upon a time in…Hollywood, that collected € 490,042 (€ 11,285,114 total), in fifth place comes the Italian title Good Gals that cashed in € 319,767 on its first week in theaters, followed by Long Shot with €306.361. 

The Hole in the Ground is in the seventh position, achieving € 224,338 a week after its debut, followed by another new release, The Truth, with €215.862. The Italian film Tuttapposto is number 9 on the list and collected € 166,628 (€ 658,110 in total). Finally, in the last position, we find The Big Trip, which collected € 160.219 in a week.

Joker is at the top, with significantly higher revenues than the other titles, while among the Italian films the female comedy Good Gals has reached a good position, immediately after Once Upon a Time…in Hollywood.