Frozen II immediately at the top, followed by A Rainy Day in New York and Cetto c’è, senzadubbiamente. Check out the whole ranking of the weekend from November 28 to December 1, 2019.

The new Disney’s Frozen II makes its debut in cinemas with € 6,899,794 and € 7,674,954 in total, winning the first position in the top 10. A Rainy Day in New York by Woody Allen, distributed by Lucky Red, debuts in the second place with earnings of €1,240,439. Cetto c’è, senzadubbiamente resists in the third place with € 1,115,564 during the week-end and 4,116,785 in two weeks.

Recently fallen from the podium and currently number four of the list we find J’Accuse which collected € 721,370, € 2,220,924 in two weeks. In fifth place comes Midway with € 576,769, € 623,213 in total, and Ford v Ferrari with € 281,103 and € 2,746,799 in three weeks.

Hustlers is in the seventh position, achieving € 224,251 (€ 4,328,009 in four weeks), followed by Parasite with € 141,341 and € 1,604,608 in four weeks, and the new entry Sin – Il Peccato with € 136,808. In the last position, we find Countdown with € 132,626 and € 591,434 in total.

A profitable weekend for cinema, thanks above all to Frozen’s return to cinema, which confirms how the Disney classics are loved by the public.

Source data: Bestmovie