Annabelle Comes Home overcomes Toy Story 4 one week after release, which drops to second place in the Italian top ten, followed by Avengers: Endgame. Check out the whole ranking of the weekend from 04 to 07 July 2019.

The new release Annabelle Comes Home earned € 1,046,801 on its first weekend in theatres, surpassing Toy Story 4 that slips to second place with a sum of € 922,047 after two weeks at the top. Avengers: Endgame ranks third with a result of € 296.979.

Among the new releases in the ranking, Restiamo Amici is fourth with € 177.029, followed by Nureyev – The White Crow, that on its second week finds itself on the fifth place with € 145.590, and The Professor in sixth place with € 128.520.

The Secret Life of Pets 2 is still in the rankings after five weeks, getting the seventh place with a revenue of € 110.565 over the weekend and a total € 3.293.078 since it’s release. Aladdin ranks eighth, with a result of € 105.779 after seven weeks, followed by the new entry Escape Plan: The Extractors that on its first weekend in theatres got € 98.878. The last movie of the top ten is Patrick, a new release that earned € 78,556.

The films that have achieved the greatest revenue are sequels or spin – offs of great sagas, including Avengers: Endgame which was released for the first time in April but continues to attract viewers. Among the new releases, the one that best manages to compete is Restiamo Amici, just below the podium, the other two, however, achieved much lower revenues.