Frozen II remains at the top, followed by L’Immortale and Knives Out. Check out the whole ranking of the weekend December 5-8, 2019.

Frozen II secret remains in first place with €3,501,901 and €12,667,733 in total. All-Italian record new entry L’Immortale by Marco D’Amore, Gomorrah‘s spin-off collects € 2,816,294. Knives Out,  which collects € 1,200,046, completes the podium.

Recently fallen from the podium and currently number four of the list we find A Rainy Day in New York, which collects € 790,475, reaching 2,367,671 in the two weeks in the hall. In fifth place comes Cetto c’è, senzadubbiamente with € 389,120, € 4,724,547 in three weeks, and the new entry The Good Liar with € 291,915.

J’Accuse is in the seventh position, achieving € 279,152 (€ 2,661,332 in three weeks), followed by Midway with € 212,159 and € 991,099 in two weeks, and Parasite with € 81,154 (€ 1,724,504 in five weeks). In the last position we find the new entry Fahim with € 79,260.

Source data: Bestmovie