The Lion King holds the top of the rankings leaving Angel has Fallen in the second place while Fast & Furious Presents- Hobs & Shaw is third. Discover the full ranking for the weekend of August 29 to September 1.

The Lion King remains on the vertex of the standings with 6.356.788 (€26.144.296 in total), but in the second place, the new release Angel has Fallen rose quickly with earnings of €942.898 (€1.165.381 total). After four weeks of its release, Fast & Furious Presents- Hobs & Shaw resists third with  €314.384 (€5.857.662 total).

Below the Top 3, all the titles are suddenly Italian: in the fourth place we find 5 è il numero perfetto, which earned  €228.043, the fifth place is for Il Signor Diavolo that cashed in €209.898 (€816.189 in total) after two weeks in theaters, followed by Genitori quasi perfetti, that on its first week has earned  €156.505 (€161.446 total).

Blinded by the light is another recently arrived title that made its way to the standings with €114.759, followed by another new entry: Teen Spirit, currently eighth with revenues of €66.300. In the ninth place, we find Crawl, which earned €56.338 this weekend and a total of  €783.880 after three weeks of its release. The last place in the Top 10 is for the debutant L’amour flou that made €49.939 on its first weekend and a total of €62.923.

The last days of August have seen how the theaters were filled again with original releases in the face of a summer full of superheroes, sequels, and spinoffs that raise high hopes for the new releases coming in September. Italian films have found good places among the rankings, positioning themselves below the Top 3, where The Lion King still stands strong at the top.