The ebit and net cash flows of Mediaset Group exceeded the company evaluations. It is however still impossible to determine the consequential costs of the Coronavirus emergency.

The net revenues of 2019 of Mediaset Group amount to 2,92billion euros, with operating result of 354,6million euros and a growing profit of 190,3million euros. Gross costs are -20,6% lower.  The amount of the financial position and the operating result (263,5million), together with the decline of total costs have exceeded the company assessments. The operating result is back to positive in Italy (resulted -182,9million in 2018). Italian revenues are however lower, going from 2,4billion in 2018 to 1,98billion in 2019. The decline is due to the “reduction of revenues characteristic of Premium whch have been absent in the second semester”. In Spain revenues amount to 946,2billion (981,6 billions in 2018). The Group net result is positve in Italy for a total of 76,3million (from 364,8) and in Spain, for 211,7million.

As a holding company, Mediaset spa has closed the year with a net result of 126million euros (111,8 in 2018).

In regards to the Coronavirus emergency, it is not possible yet to determine the duration and the impacts of the virus on the results of the Group. The Group is operating on two different fronts: implementing the international development and the structural projects of medium duration on one side, and applying all the necessary measurement in order to contain the possible negative impacts on the advertising market.