With a new 30 million euro multi-measure call for proposals, the Lazio region, in coordination with the national government’s support measures, is implementing new support measures for workers in the sectors most affected by the economic crisis.

Income support of 600 euros for cultural and entertainment workers who work in creative, artistic and entertainment activities, libraries, archives, museums and other cultural activities, publishing, photography, film production, video, music and sound recording programming and broadcasting, performers of prose and audiovisual that due to the Covid emergency, have had to cease/suspend their activities during the year 2020 or reduce them compared to the previous year.

The application must be submitted from 9 a.m. on April 7th 2021. You can fill in the form here.

“A bridge to a return to professional life and training: emergency measures of economic support for the most fragile and exposed to the effects of the pandemic” has been edited by the Departments of Labour and new rights, School and Training, Reconstruction Policies, Personnel and Economic Development, Trade and Crafts, University, Research, Start – Up and Innovation and is funded with European resources of the ESF and ERDF.

For further information please consult the call for proposals.