The Lazio Region has allocated a five hundred thousand euro fund for screenplay projects.

“Dalla parola allo schermo” is the 2022 edition of the public call for new audiovisual productions.

The call is open to all those who are resident in Lazio Region and have an original and unpublished proposal, which may be a short film, a film, a serial or a web product.

More specifically, 3 thousand euros are allocated for short films and web content, 5 thousand euros for TV series and 7 thousand euros for feature films.

Applications are open online from September 27, 2022 12:00 a.m. to October 9, 2022 12:00 a.m., through the use of the SPID Digital Identity.

You can apply on the Lazio Region website and, in addition, until September 19, you can ask for technical information and clarifications.

The call is open to all those who are resident in Lazio Region and are first-time writers with an original and unpublished proposal.

Excluded from the call are all those who: are partners or owners of audiovisual production or distribution companies and have benefited in 2020 and 2021 from a grant for the same purpose.

The products submitted must be unpublished productions in terms of treatment, screenplay, subject and synopsis and must therefore not be taken from works protected by copyright. Moreover, productions must be written in Italian.

Projects can be submitted, whether fiction or documentary, of various genres: comedy, drama, thriller, noir, fantasy as well as animation and products for children and teenager. The products, however, must be set in the contemporary world and, in particular, be linked to and rooted in the territory of the Lazio Region and aimed at recounting its naturalistic, cultural and food attractions.

Only one application can be submitted, which will then be assessed by a responsible Committee.


More information: “Dalla parola allo schermo”: contributi per la scrittura di progetti di sceneggiature di lungometraggi, corti e serie audiovisive – LazioEuropa

📸Jacob Owens on Unsplash