The Lazio Region has decided to allocate extraordinary funds to support the restart of cinemas and theatres. The two calls coming from LAZIOcrea are “Ripartenza Cinema Lazio” and “Ripartenza Teatri Lazio”.

These are the words from the President of Lazio Region, Nicola Zingaretti:

“We are experiencing a new season of restart and at this time, in particular, we have the responsibility to guarantee everyone the same opportunities for recovery. For this reason, we are supporting the re-opening of cinemas and theatres in Lazio with 2.2 million Euros of extraordinary funds”.

The funds make available respectively 1.2 million euro for cinema operators and 1 million euro for theatres. The region provides a one-off grant for both categories; maximum amount for individual cinemas will be €30,000, while for theatres it will vary according to the number of seats allowed by safety regulations.
As regards cinema activity, the minimum number of days of activity required to benefit from the fund is 60 for single-screen and multiplex cinemas, and 50 for single-screen or two-screen cinemas in towns with fewer than 25,000 inhabitants.

The timeframe available for sending applications will therefore be from 5 to 26 July and exclusively by electronic means.
Similar measures had already been implemented in 2020: the region had allocated for cinemas subsidies amounting to €641,000 for rents and €1.7 million for one-off grants; theatres had obtained €1 million for rents and more than €1.4 million in grants. The two new measures bring the total resources made available to support the restart, to approximately 7 million in Lazio’s two sectors.

For further information: Regione Lazio