The Ministry of Culture has published the guidelines for the submission of applications to support co-productions between Italy and France.

As indicated in the Ministry’s vademecum, from 3 to 24 September 2021, it will be possible to submit applications to access the Italy-France 2021 call for proposals, which provides for the allocation of grants to support co-productions of cinematographic works and audiovisual series between Italy and France. Specifically, for the second session of the year 2021, a sum of €500.000 is foreseen, distributed as follows:

  • € 150,000 for the development and pre-production of cinematographic works and audiovisual series;
  • € 350,000 for the production of cinematographic works.

The application can be submitted electronically on the Ministry’s website if the following requirements are met:

  • they must be an Italian film and/or audiovisual company, even in associated form, within the framework of an international co-production relationship with at least one production company resident in France;
  • the cinematographic works must be co-produced according to the regulations in force;
  • the shares of Italian and French co-producers (of the work for which the grant is requested) must not, in the case of cinematographic works, be lower than 20% and higher than 80%; in the case of audiovisual series, the shares of Italian and French co-producers must not be lower than 30% and higher than 70%.

Furthermore, in order to submit the application, you must be in possession of all the necessary documentation.

For all additional information and updates, please consult the website of the Ministry of Culture.