“On schedule, the 155-million-euro Pnrr plan for the Italian Ministry of Culture is concluded. The response to the last two public notices gives us another positive result, sealing a path started last autumn and aimed at giving new impetus to cultural and creative enterprises by pushing the accelerator on digital and green. Now on with the next projects for the development of a sector capable of exalting the skills and abilities of our workers in the world’.

These are the words of the Sottosegretario alla cultura Lucia Borgonzoni as reported by Cinecittà News.

The comment refers to the participation registered by two calls of the intervention called “Capacity building per gli operatori della cultura per gestire la transizione digitale e verde” with which the Direzione Generale Creatività Contemporanea participates in the implementation of the Pnrr.

Specifically, the intervention was divided into two lines of action, supporting the digital and green transition:

  • Action A, which aims to promote collaboration between cultural operators and the digital transition. The notice called TOCC – Action A1, with a budget of €10 million, closed on 25 August with 197 applications and 513 projects submitted;
  • Action B, with the aim of promoting a green turn to cultural and creative supply chains that reduces their environmental impacts. The TOCC – Action B1 call, also closed on 25 August and with the same budget of €10 million, registered a total of 99 applications and 234 projects submitted.

For more information, see the website of the Direzione Generale Creatività Contemporanea.

Ph Carlos Ibañez