The first edition of the Italian Animation Showcase just ended at Nuovo Cinema Barberini. The showcase is MIA dedicated appointment to Italian Animation in its every form, feature films, tv series and specials.

Italian Animation Showcase, directed by Maïa Tubiana, is coordinated by Daniela Di Maio, for the TV format and by Sabrina Perucca, for the Feature Film format.  Aim of the showcase is to select products of great quality and creative value, able to capture the interest of an international

During the showcase some of the most anticipated Italian titles presented their product and showed its short trailer in front of an international audience of buyers, commissioning editors and other industry figures. Here’s a list of the projects that were presented:

  • KLINCUS, based on the successful book series by Alessandro Gatti, and directed by Ernesto Paganoni, Federico Milella and Margherita Clemente, is a series set in a steampunk fantasy world, following the events of the second industrial revolution, which revolves around the the eternal clash between modernity and tradition. The series is produced by ShowLab, Fabrique d’Image, Telegael, RaiKids e ZDFStudios.
  • THE SOUND COLLECTOR is a stopframe and live-action series, which tells the adventures of a partially deaf young man and his friend and pet, Mole, in their search of sounds, his great passion. The series is produced by Enanimation, Eagle Vs Bat and ITV, in collaboration with RaiKids.
  • BABY PUFFINS & BUNNY is a series set in the heart of the Arctic where the bear PB lives with the young hare Jipo and the Puffins, Didi, Pie, Tic and Tac, whom he takes care of as a parental figure. In addition to the main characters also Johnny Puff and aunt Iris add to the fun of the story. The series is produced by Iervolino & Lady Bacardi Entertainment.
  • MINI PET PALS & MINI DINOS is a tv series which tells how Mini Pet Pals Top Hat discovers, during their summer trip, a mysterious cave where he finds the Mini Dinos. After becoming friends with them, he introduces them to the other Mini Pet Pals. From this meeting a great friendship blossoms which will enrich everyone’s life. Directed by Sergio Manfio, the series is produced by Gruppo Alcuni – RaiKids.
  • BARTALI’S BICYCLE revolves around the peculiar friendship between a young Jew cyclist and an Arab guy from the opponent team. The story spans on two different timelines, one set in nowadays Jerusalem and one set in Florence during World War II which follows the story of champion Gino Bartali. Directed by Enrico Paolantonio, the movie is produced by Lynx Multimedia Factory, Toonz Entertainment, Telegael and Rai Kids.
  • COPPERBEAK Ottorino is a patè factory runaway gosling who clashes, on its way, with a fox, losing his beak. In critical conditions, he manages to be saved thanks to a copper prosthesis. Ottorino grows up convinced he is a hero, until the Fox makes his certainties crumble. The movie is produced by Movimenti Production (gruppo Banjay), IdeaCinema and RAI KIDS.
  • LINDA WANTS CHICKEN follows the bizarre adventures of Paulette and her daughter Linda, in their desperate research of a chicken to cook with peppers. The chicken, in this case, is not only a meal for them but the key to Linda’s lost memories. Directed by Chiara Malta and Sébastien Laudenbach, the movie is produced by Dolce Vita Films, PalosantoFilms and Miyu Production.