How to MIA

MIA will take place as usual in the very heart of Rome – at our iconic 17th Century Palace “Palazzo Barberini” where the networking will come to life; Cinema Moderno where we will share knowledge, insights, questions and answers; Cinema Quattro Fontane, where we will screen all of our market screenings.

General access to MIA premises is reserved exclusively to MIA accreditation-holders and is allowed only by showing a valid Green Pass.

As for your accreditation, it is necessary to apply at the MyMIA page for the accreditation to participate in the activities of MIA onsite and online within the period and in the manner stipulated by the Accreditation Regulation.

The accreditation is personal and not transferable. You will have to exhibit your QR code (sent by MIA during accreditation) to enter MIA. Please note, a valid ID could be requested.

We quit physical badge in 2019, because we care about the health of our planet and we want to contribute as much as we can to the just and overdue cause of a sustainable audiovisual industry. However, we also care of your health, so please be sure you have a valid Green Pass before entering our venues.

You will have to exhibit your accreditation and Green Pass QR codes at every entrance into our venues; every first entrance of each single MIAday, our staff will provide in return a paper wristband. Every Market day will have a different-colored wristband, so as to make it easier for our team to identify our guests in rush lines, allow fast-tracks and avoid any situation which may cause congestion.

Should you not have a valid green pass, we have your back! Just facing the accreditation info desk at Palazzo Barberini, there will be a dedicated point available for a rapid and free-of-charge Covid-19 test, and the related issuing of a green pass certificate (in the case of course of a negative result), to make sure all of our guests are equipped with all the documents requested to enter our Market.

Please note, rapid Covid-19 tests are reserved to participants without valid Green Pass only.


Our venues 

Palazzo Barberini | Opening Hours 

October 13th-16th: from 9.00 am to 7.00 pm

October 17th: from 9.00 am to 1.00 pm

Cinema Moderno | Opening Hours 

October 13th-17th: from 9.00 am to 8.00 pm

Cinema Quattro Fontane | Opening Hours

October 14th-16th: from 9.00 am to 8.00 pm


We kindly ask you to take care of yourself and others, by following the Italian regulations regarding Covid-19’s that you will find on our website. Beyond Covid-19, rules we kindly remind you to respect the venue and your fellow MIA participants by observing the following: – do not bring food or drinks inside the museum nor eat, drink or smoke; you are allowed to do that in the outdoor spaces; – do not overcome barriers; – do not touch the art works; – do not watch films/trailers etc. without headphones. MIA provides for daily waste disposal and cleaning in all locations during the days of the market. MIA embraces the values of environmental awareness and sustainability. We therefore kindly ask you to use the recycling bins and to limit the use of paper promotional materials, as well as single use plastic items.

All rooms and spaces are under surveillance during MIA. Notwithstanding, MIA cannot be held responsible for any theft of property left unattended by the owners, who are expected to protect their items of value (laptops, mobiles etc.)