GREENLIT is a showcase of Italian TV series with international distribution. Here are the 10 projects presented at MIA 2018.

On October 20 at Multiplex Barberini the new MIA|TV showcase GREENLIT took place, an exclusive event for co-productions and Italian production that have already obtained the approval from a broadcaster and/or from a global SVOD platform and that have an international partner.

The line-up involved nine Italian TV series with a strong international appeal. Here are the titles unveiled during the event: My Brilliant Friend, Gaddafi, Don’t Leave Me, Made in Italy, Eternal City, Devils, Sanctuary, The Name of the Rose, Il Tribunale delle Anime,The swan Company. In addition to these, the series La Compagnia del Cigno was also presented. The session was mediated by Walter Iuzzolino, Co-founder and Curator of Walter Presents.

The first project presented at GREENLIT was My Brilliant Friend, an 8-part TV series that tells the story of a lifelong friendship. The story is about two strong female figures, who meet and fight in Naples in the ’50s. The series is produced by Wildside-Fandango in collaboration with Rai Fiction, TIMVISION, HBO Entertainment with Umedia and has already had its first success with its preview at the Venice International Film Festival. The series is based on the homonymous work by Elena Ferrante, and is directed by Saverio Costanzo.

Palomar and eOne are currently working on the production for Sky Italia of the series Gaddafi, written by Roberto Saviano. Gaddafi tells without filters the life of Mu’ammar Gaddafi, the dictator who carried out the coup d’état in Libya in 1969. The life of the man, together with the life of the politician, the life of the nation and the international panorama of the time are told without giving a judgment, in a succession of different settings from the Middle East to the City of London.

The third project presented at GREENLIT is Don’t Leave Me. In the TV series set in Venice and produced by Paypermoon Italia for Rai Fiction, the main character is a career woman, who is also a mother and above all a woman. The personal story of the protagonist is intertwined in the story of the TV series with the world of work, with the ghosts of the past and the personal problems of the protagonist. The peculiarity of the series is precisely the female focus in a world of men.

GREENLIT is also hosting Made in Italy, a periodical drama set in Milan in the 70s, in the midst of the boom in Italian fashion. The story is seen through the eyes of Irene, who almost by chance is catapulted into a fashion editorial office where she knows the great talents of Made in Italy. The series is produced by Taodue, The Family and Fédération for Mediaset.

Eternal City is a story set in Rome in May 1963. The city is the centre of cinema, politics and the church. The lives of three normal people are upset by the death of a German actress, found stabbed in Via Veneto. The TV series is produced by Aurora TV and Fearless Minds for Rai, ZDF and France Télévisions.

Devils is a sexy thriller about conspiracy, banking scandals and features an international cast composed of Alessandro Borghi and Patrick Dempsey, among others. The TV series tells the story of an Italian man who cannot see a future in Italy and moves abroad where he challenges the greats of the London City Olympus. Produced by Lux Vide, Sky Italia and Sky Vision for Sky Atlantic and OCS, it is the true story of Guido Brera.

Sanctuary, based on Zone B, Marie Hermanson’s best-selling Swedish novel, is an Italian-Swedish show, 95% of which was filmed in Italy. The story is about two twin sisters. The TV series is shot in the original language and is produced by Yellow Bird and Fabula Picture for TV 4 and Tele Munchen Group.

The Name of the Rose is a series set in Italy in the fourteenth century and is based on the famous novel by Umberto Eco. The TV series was made for Rai, an Italian “cultural company” to which Eco was very attached and where he worked in his youth. The production is March 11 Film, Palomar, Tele Munchen International GmbH in co-production with Rai Fiction and Sundance TV.

GREENLIT is also home to Il Tribunale delle Anime, Donato Carrisi’s best-seller that becomes a TV series. The thriller tells a story that takes place in the shadow of the Vatican. The production of this series is by Sky Italia, Gavila and Colorado Film for Sky Italia

Seven teenagers studying at the prestigious Conservatory of Milan are the protagonists of a musical dramedy produced by Indigo Film in collaboration with Rai Fiction for Rai. Presented as a side event, The swan Company is a mixture of different genres in which the music in the episodes is made and interpreted by those on the screen.