In recent years, the audio-visual industry is experiencing a renaissance, thanks to the independent producers’ ability to face the new national and global challenges as effectively as possible. This resurgence is also a result of new government policies that have furthered the building of a network of independent companies and supported their development to increase their market shares. These policies are specifically addressed to those companies which invest in innovative contents and in their internationalisation.

The Italian Audio-visual Industry has already proven it is more than capable of expanding in this sector, and has already attracted the attention and the esteem of different broadcasters and commissioning editors. What is needed now is a well-structured business plan, provided with automaticity, that will allow not only the excellences in the industry, but also the new realities, to have the tools needed to compete in the constantly evolving world of broadcasting business and technology. MIA was conceived following these guidelines and, today, at its third edition, it is more than ever aimed at supporting companies in their global challenges.

Within the MIA project, we believe that MIA | TV section – with its focus on the promotion of international co-productions – is the one that better embodies the innovative spirit of our recent TV series, while MIA | DOC is the place where the most interesting points disclosed by the most established markets are gathered.