Viacom rose by 20.6%, while Fox and La7 TV dropped. Rai and Mediaset closed in equal numbers, and Sky Italia positioned themselves at the top of the revenues league.

The 2017 accounts are closed and it is, therefore, possible to compare the results of the different broadcasting companies and get an overall picture of their growth. Sky Italia has earned the first position on the ranking in terms of revenues, registering a total turnover of €2.855b and a 3% growth compared to 2016. Mediaset and Rai are positioned in the same position, confirming their assets for €2.636b (-1.5% than 2016). Considering also the activities of Mediaset Spain, the accounts of the Italian giant added up to €3,631b. This ascertains the fact that, without the contribution of the Spanish activities, the accounts of Mediaset would not score such high results. Rai’s financial statements have not yet been approved, but they have been presented to the board of directors, and have recorded an overall decline in revenues of 6.6% over the previous year. However, the company closed the year by reporting a profit of €14.3m, a result achieved thanks to the rationalization of external costs, which enabled savings of around €20m.

As for Discovery Italia group, composed of Nove, Dmax and Real Time, it has registered a 10% growth compared to 2016. On the other hand, Fox has dropped by 10.6% to €167.7m, although it has kept a profit of €10.1m. La7 for their part, besides experiencing a dip of 6.3%, closed 2016 with a small loss of €800 thousand. Finally, Viacom Italia closed the year with a growth of 20.6%, with total revenues of €68m and a profit of €4.7m.