The new French reform on cinema production has been approved yesterday and it will come into force on 1 January 2018. I twill plays a significant role in production of feature films, tv shows and animated features, as CNC’s president Frédérique Bredin (pictured) stated. The system allows producers to directly access to financial support calculated on three 100-point scales (one for each field, fiction, docs and animation), accumulated by a film according to its number of admissions and TV sales.

The reform offers also adjustments in areas not very considered so far, as the visual and digital effects and all the related professions, and the cultural dimension of the opera: film will receive a greater amount of points if shooted in France and if the language is 100% French the opera will receive 20 points (10, if the French Language is used at 30%).

The reforms have also taken into account French international minority co-productions by setting the minimum approval threshold to 20 points.