The sixth edition of Filming Italy – Los Angeles, presented with the Italian Cultural Institute in Los Angeles, will take place from March 18th to 21st, 2021 in Los Angeles with 90% streaming, in collaboration with APA (Associazione Produttori Audiovisivi) and under the auspices of the Italian Embassy in Washington and the Consulate General of Italy in Los Angeles.

During the Festival will be streamed more than 50 Italian titles, from movies to TV series and documentaries. Claudia Gerini and Harvey Keitel will be Honorary Presidents of the Festival that will present 25 masterclasses. The first two have been unveiled, one with Oliver Stone and the other with Tiziano Ferro.

“I am very happy to be able to announce that this edition of Filming Italy – Los Angeles will take place, despite all the problems related to this period. Of course, we had to adapt to the extraordinary situation we are experiencing, rescheduling the festival in a digital format,” emphasizes Tiziana Rocca, who is also the Festival’s Artistic Director. “I wanted this edition to focus on some social issues that I believe are particularly urgent and necessary around the world, without distinction. We’ll be tackling themes such as human rights and equal opportunities, with a focus on the enhancement of women in the world of work, especially in the world of cinema, as well as the environmental problems that are afflicting the planet and threatening the very future of young people. And we will also discuss cinema in the many masterclasses scheduled with numerous Italian and international actors, addressing the future of the seventh art, so endangered by the pandemic and lockdown.”

“The 2021 edition of the long-awaited Filming Italy – Los Angeles is unique, the first digital one and will offer this year an even richer panorama of Italian cinema” – says Valeria Rumori, Director of the Italian Cultural Institute in Los Angeles – “It will involve well-known Italian and international artists, with the aim of enhancing and promoting Italy, its language, its art and its territories”.

Created and organized by Tiziana Rocca, Agnus Dei and Valeria Rumori, Italian Cultural Institute in Los Angeles, Filming Italy – Los Angeles not only promotes Italy as a film set and bridge between Italian and American cultures, but also supports the cultural growth of Italy through its cinema, the internalization of Italian audiovisual products and supports intercultural relations between various directors, producers and artists.

For further information: Filming Italy – Los Angeles