Royal Hunters di Pasquale Formicola and produced by Elisabetta Rasicci is the best project of the MIA IDS 2015 edition. The award ceremony, promoted by AE Network Italia, took place in Terme di Diocleziano where IDS jury appointed a 5000 euros award, destined to the two authors’ format development.  The series’ intention is rewrite the life of all these characters that History has always mistreated – like Marie Antoniette and Nero – and disclose their true identity to the audience . Beside its uniqueness, the project gained the jury’s favor thanks to the very young age of its creators, whose intention is to demonstrate that not everything written in History books is to take for granted. Investigating to find the truth, this is the aim of  the winning format, designed to “inspire the younger audience to find their love for History, because – as claimed by Rasicci and Formicola – “the past is only the shadow of a not so distant future” .