The second day at MIA, the international audiovisual market, started meeting with Bruno Zambardino – media observatory director- in room Michelangelo at Boscolo, to talk about some data. Foreign investments in Italian audiovisual market are doubled. International productions, especially American, are growing in numbers, crowding the studios in Cinecittà. Only in 2015, thirty foreign films were shot in Italy. The country investing the most in the national territory is France, that partners 40% of our co-productions. Even if the average cost of Italian film productions is decreasing, the number of movies made every year is growing: 200 films were produced in 2015, costing in total 323 millions. 470 foreign and local titles were released this year, gaining 600 millions overall.

In only two years, taxcredit fund raised from 115 to 140 millions, facilitating our productions and international interest toward our country.  Internazionalization, industrialization and integration are the Italian market’s trends arisen later at MIA’s Breakfastkeepfit with Bruno Zambardino, and his I-Com, institute founded in 2005 with the aim of finding and promoting new informations to strenght Italian competitiveness.

“Today’s audiovisual market and contents have to face a more and more stronger digital environment – said Zambardino – reason why European Commission created Digital Single Market, a way to access to digital goods and services all over Europe,  hoping to increase cross-border licenses. With this method films such as Amour, Carnage and A Royal Affair were produced and distributed. Modernizing legislations about copyright would foster international pre-sales, a very important tool to cover budget in pre-production”.