To encourage the revitalization of the film industry, the Emilia-Romagna Region has financed regional, national and international productions through various calls.

The first National and International Call led to the support of four television series, two feature films and three documentaries, for a total funding of 851,796 euros. Among the projects, there are: the second season of Summertime, the original Italian Netflix series, produced by Cattleya, an animation project dedicated to Pinocchio by Palomar; Lei mi parla ancora directed by Pupi Avati, and L’ispettore Coliandro by Manetti Bros.

The Regional Call allowed the financing of four documentaries, two short films, a television series and a feature film, for a total of 349,070 euros. Among the products that have benefited from these aids is the television work Lucio Dalla directed by Pietro Marcello and Il giocatore by the Bolognese Ibc Movie.

The Region Emilia-Romagna continues supporting the film sector through the Audiovisual Fund managed by the Emilia-Romagna Film Commission. The projects supported in 2020 by the Regional Audiovisual Fund, with the first call for tenders, are 17 for a total regional contribution of 1,200,867 euros, against an admitted expenditure of 6,734,505 euros.

The additional resources, made available by the Regional Council for the culture sector, have allowed an increase in the budget initially foreseen for cinema in 2020, partly already used for this call and partly available for the second call that will be open from July the 1st to July the 31st.