EBU, the European Broadcasting Union, has taken sides in favor of a precise regulation of online platforms within the framework of the public consultation on the Digital Service Act.

According to the association, this measure is necessary given the role that these platforms play in the life of citizens: the primary source and access to information and content.

EBUpointed out that the intent of its statements is not to oppose the progress and changes made by these platforms; on the contrary, EBU recognized their fundamental importance in the circulation of content and information. Rather, the problem lies in the fact that they operate in an almost total absence of regulation.

The regulation, emphasizes EBU, should be based on the editorial freedom of media organizations: the indiscriminate use of algorithms and commercial motivations by these online platforms would not allow a work based on respect for the public interest. A concrete legislation should ensure the transparency of the algorithms and encourage content of general interest.

EBU’s full response to the European Commission is available at this link.