In the last edition of MIA, Alessandro Saba, head of Disney Italia original productions, guest on the Meet the Commissioners – Disney + panel, outlined the direction of future Italian projects, stressing the need to make products of “excellence.”

In particular, Saba indicated how the quality of new productions, passes through the acquisition of exclusive rights to an important property, as in the case of the documentary Raffa, the biographical docufilm of Carrà directed by Daniele Luchetti, divided into three episodes available on the platform from December 27.

There is also anticipation for the four-part original Italian docuseries ‘Ndrangheta, World Wide Mafia, produced by Disney, IBC Movie and Sunset Press and based on the war waged by Catanzaro prosecutor Nicola Gratteri against one of the world’s most powerful criminal organizations.

Excellence, Saba explains, also comes through the ability to involve talent in the directing and writing stages, and products such as the series on Ignorant Fairies, or The Good Mothers, or The Lions of Sicily, on the platform since last Oct. 25, speak for themselves.

Meanwhile, more than encouraging data are coming in from the first streaming edition of Italia’s got talent, considering it is the first time a format designed for generalist TV has gone platform exclusive. Working in collaboration with Fremantle, which owns the format of Igt, the talent has been revised in terms of pace and duration, and castings have been brought back around Italy.

Saba adds, “We wanted to make it even more familiar, with elements of Disneyland Paris, Marvel, Star Wars. On the jury, we kept the two indispensable judges, namely Frank Matano and Mara Maionchi, and then it was given more freshness with Elettra Lamborghini, who has a large fanbase on young girls, and with Kabi Lame, a real bet: the most famous tik toker in the world, 160 million followers at 23 years old, who, however, does not speak.”