According to new projections from Digital TV Research, five global subscription VOD platforms will have 529 million subscribers by 2025, led by Netflix, Amazon and Disney+. They will add 257 million subscribers between 2019 and 2025, “doubling their total.”

Netflix will have nearly 235.6 million subscribers by 2025, Amazon 135.9 million, Disney+ nearly 101.2 million, AT&T’s HBO Max 30.1 million and Apple TV+ 27.1 million.

“Disney+ will be the biggest winner by taking its total to 101 million subscribers,” the research firm forecast. “Netflix will increase by 70 million subscribers; revealing that there is still growth for the most established platform. However, Netflix will only add 6 million subscribers in the U.S.”

“The SVOD sector received a boost in November…with the rollouts of Disney+ and Apple TV+. A further lift will come when HBO Max starts in spring 2020,” Digital TV Research also said. “HBO Max will have 30 million paying subscribers by 2025 — if non-payers are included then this figure could be tripled,” Digital TV Research said. “The same is true for Apple TV+.”