OTT episode and TV film sales will reach a total of $215bn revenues by 2029, up 33% from the 2023 figure of $162m.

This is predicted by the Global OTT TV and Video Forecasts compiled by Digital TV Research, the company founded in 2011 by Simon Murray that provides reports on the state of the global and regional audiovisual industry.

The US remains the country with the highest revenue in the sector worldwide with an estimated $82 billion, accounting for 38% of the world’s projected revenue. However, this figure is lower than in 2023, when US revenue accounted for 46% of total industry revenue.

The research predicts that SVOD will remain the main source of revenue for the OTT industry, growing by $19 billion over the 2023-2029 interval and reaching $127 billion value. For AVOD films and series, growth will take revenues from $30bn to $69bn. Interestingly, although SVODs have higher expected revenues, more significant growth is expected for AVODs.

More information can be found on the research on the Digital TV Research’s website.

Ph Nicolas J Leclercq/Unsplash