The Italian Ministry of Culture, through the Direzione generale Cinema e audiovisivo, has launched a call for proposals for co-produced cinematographic works or minority co-participation schemes.

The tender notice ” Bando per la concessione di contributi selettivi alle opere cinematografiche realizzate in regime di coproduzione o di compartecipazione minoritaria” has a total budget of €5 million divided into two sessions: the first one, opened on 31th March 2022, ended on 3rd May 2022, while the second one opened on 2nd September and will end on 23th September 2022.

Funding is reserved for cinematographic works, including animation, training or research, on condition that are co-produced or have minority co-participation, i.e. where the participation of Italian companies is smaller than that of foreign companies but not less than 20%. These works must also have obtained provisional Italian nationality.

Access to the tender notice for proposals is limited to Italian audiovisual companies, which must submit their application through the DGCOL platform, including the main points of the work such as subject, screenplay, international co-production contract, overall budget and production plan. For the complete list, please refer to the Call for Entries on the Ministry of Culture website.

The Director General for Cinema and Audiovisual, Nicola Borelli, will appoint a commission with the task of assessing the various projects presented in terms of quality of the screenplay, artistic value of the work, potential for distribution and technical-productive set-up.

On the basis of the score given to the various projects presented, funding will be granted. Specifically, they shall not exceed

  •  EUR 300,000,000;
  •  60% of eligible costs;
  •  the grant requested.

The beneficiaries of this funding are obliged to spend at least 80% of it in Italy and to communicate any changes concerning their projects to the Direzione generale Cinema e audiovisivo.

📷 Gordon Cowie on Unsplash