The Directorate General for Cinema and Audiovisual of the Italian Ministry of Culture announces the procedures for submitting requests for the balance or advance payment relating to projects benefiting from selective contributions 2021.

The DG Cinema has allocated through the “Call for the granting of selective contributions for writing, development and pre-production, production, national distribution of cinematographic and audiovisual works” for the year 2021, funds amounting to € 32,400,000, divided among the following lines of action

  • script writing of cinematographic, television and web works for a total of € 1,200,000;
  • development and pre-production of cinematographic, television and web works for a total of 3.000.000 €;
  • production of cinematographic, animated, documentary and short film works for a total of 28,200,000 euros.

The request of balance must be sent according to the terms provided by the Call 2021 through the appropriate application to be activated through the platform DGCOL, while the request of advance payment must be made through the platform according to the procedures and timing provided by the guidelines for the year 2020.

For further information please consult: Direzione Generale Cinema e Audiovisivo