Yesterday 28 September saw the publication of the first 2024 MEDIA Calls, the section of Creative Europe supporting the European audiovisual sector.

The calls for proposals will open on 3 October 2023 and will intervene in various areas of the audiovisual sector, from television production to video games and cinema.

Specifically, the call Innovative tools and business models, with a budget of €8.5 million, aims to strengthen the European audiovisual sector by addressing competitiveness and eco-sustainability.

Markets & Networkings has the dual aim of developing the international promotion of European audiovisual products and at the same time fostering collaboration between the various sectors of the audiovisual industries. The budget amounts to €16.5 million.

Similarly, the call Networks of European Festivals aims to promote co-ordination and collaboration between the numerous European audiovisual festivals in order to increase their effectiveness as showcases for audiovisual products. Resources of €5.5 million have been allocated for this purpose.

The European VOD networks and operators, with a budget of €10 million, is set up with the aim of supporting European VOD platforms and their operators, also enriching their catalogues of European audiovisual products.

TV and online content is the notice aimed at boosting European TV and internet products and facilitating their circulation outside the EU market. The notice will also aim to strengthen the position of European independent production companies vis-à-vis digital platforms and broadcasters. The fund earmarked for these purposes amounts to €20 million.

Also supporting independent EU production companies is the €18m European slate development, which aims to strengthen the production capacity of companies from the eurozone.

Film on the move is the €16 million call for the film sector, which aims to implement the distribution of recent non-national European films.

In support of the video games sector is the €7 million Video games and immersive content development, which aims to support video game and immersive content production companies, thereby boosting European competitiveness in this sector.

More information can be found on the Creative Europe programme’s website. 

Ph Jakob Owens/Unsplash