According to rumors of Cnbc, the Californian company founded by Steve Jobs is about to challenge Netflix and Amazon in the streaming industry. However, Apple would have studied a different strategy from its competitors.

Internet streaming today is appealing to many people, its consumption is constantly increasing and more and more companies are trying to have a slice of the cake. The Californian company is getting involved too, but it does so in a different way: no subscription, but free programs for those who are already customers.

The new Apple app should be launched in early 2019 and would like to make its content accessible to all owners of a device such as the iPhone, iPad or Apple TV at no additional cost.

In this year, Apple has allocated $1 billion to finance original TV programs and series. According to the Wall Steet Journal there are 24 projects in the pipeline, mostly pg-rated projects, in order to increase the number of spectators. A series of external subscription channels would be added to these projects, such as HBO and Starz. As with Amazon Prime, the giant led by Tim Cook would take a percentage of the subscriptions.