Projects and productions keep on restarting after the lockdown: it was held at the 77th edition of the Venice International Film Festival “The Big Reset”, where the resumption of work at the Cinecittà Studios was discussed.

The event was organized in collaboration with “Variety” and was attended by Nick Vivarelli, Andrea Spagna, advisor for marketing and business development at Istituto Luce Cinecittà, Cristina Priarone, president of Italian Film Commission, Iole Giannattasio of the DG Cinema MiBACT staff, Luca Tranchino, production designer of the Domina series.

Special guest was Nicola Sganga, CEO of Nema FX who showed the potential and advantages of using virtual reality and Unreal Engine to reduce costs and time of productions with the use of digital sets.

The project is closely linked to the Cinecittà Studios, where the T6 Virtual Green Studio was built, the first fully virtual studio in Italy that allows virtual shooting in Real Time.

The new virtual theater not only satisfies the demands of the big national and international producers, but it also knocks down costs significantly, allowing even small production houses to dream big.

With Cinecittà’s T6 Virtual Green Studio these production companies will be able to use an Unreal “Real Time Engine” for their project, widely used by major animation film production companies.

In addition, the field of application of these new technologies does not stop at the film industry: it can also be applied for advertising, video games, web series and even live entertainment.